Treasure Hunt Details

Congratulations to all of our Treasure Hunt winners! Thank you also to all those that participated, commented, shared on social media or just enjoyed reading the blogs. Our winners are:
Bonnie from Ontario wins the Shprixieland Studios Celebration Tumbler.
LeAnne from B.C. wins Judy Woods’ art photo prairie scene on tile.
Jan from Manitoba wins Deb McLeod’s decorated mini birch wood turned vase.
Maria from Ontario wins Valerie Metcalfe’s porcelain pottery mug.
Joanne from Alberta wins Jan Jenkins’ pen and ink zendoodle print.

*Note* The details shown below are for information purposes only regarding our completed and no longer active treasure hunt.

If you have already read the details and want to go straight to the questions Click here.

As we travel and interview artists in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba (and one lone one in B.C.), we will be posing a question for each of the posted interviews, the answer, of which, can be found in either the written portion or the video portion of our interview. All you have to do is go find the answer.

What to Do

  1. Collect some or all of the answers and email them to us in one email, not one at a time.
  2. Your name will then be entered into a draw for a piece(s) of art that we will purchase from one or more of the artists we have interviewed during this tour.
  3. Entries
    1. Silver coin level – 5 correct answers = 1 entry
    2. Gold coin level – 10 correct answers = 2 entries
    3. King’s crown level – 15 correct answers = 3 entries
    4. Queen’s jewels level – All the correct answers = 5 entries
  4. If you decide to submit 5 correct answers before all the interviews have been posted and then discover you are really enjoying reading and watching our interviews you can always email us again with the total number of correct answers. Example; jumping from the Silver coin level to the Gold coin level. As long as all the correct answers you want to submit are emailed to us in one email before the draw for the treasure. We will only take into account the latest email from you so don’t forget to include all the correct answers you intend on submitting in that email.
  5. The draw will take place 1 week after the last interview has been posted. This date will be announced when that time comes.
  6. The contest is open to all who participate.

Bonus Entries

For each ArtsQuest approved comment received for an artist’s interview on our website, together with a social media “Share” of that artist’s interview from our website, you will receive one bonus entry. This could potentially be an extra 20+ entries.

So now I know where to find the answers, where do I find the questions?

  1. The questions will be posted on our website as a running list under the tab Treasure Hunt. If you miss the beginning of the hunt, missed one or two questions or decided to wait until the last day to jump in, you can.
  2. You can subscribe to our newsletter, through our website, and receive the corresponding question and the interview; delivered right to your email inbox.
  3. As we post each interview we will also be posting a link to that interview along with the corresponding Treasure Hunt question to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

So, if you don’t already follow us then we invite you to do so.

And for those that follow us, we suggest you turn on your notifications for our pages so that you will not miss our posts.

Our first interview will be on August 20th, the Treasure Hunt will kick-off when this interview has been posted.

Gary and I love creating fun! We hope you will join us on our journey to highlight more of Canada’s artists and have a little fun with us along the way.

Happy Trails,
Corinne and Gary Funk

For the list of questions Click here.