Location: Upper Hainesville

Pottery to Make You Smile from Megan Billings

Pottery to Make You Smile from Megan Billings

I have spent my former years playing it safe and found this strategy to be dull and dissatisfying. Now that I yearn for the chance to step outside my comfort zone, I am always excited to find someone who characteristically plays it safe but is willing to try standing in the heat. Megan Billings is one such person that Gary and I met in Upper Hainesville, New Brunswick. When we first arrived, Megan indicated that she came close to dismissing our e-mail request for an interview because it was definitely not in her warm and fuzzy zone. But like many unsubstantiated fears we humans have, she realized it was a good opportunity for her and so we received an e-mail reply.

Megan in her studio

Butter Dish

Megan has been a full time potter for about 7 years and appears to be as excited about it today as when she started. She converted a small barn on her parent’s farm where she grew up into a petite character pottery studio where she is content to spend the hours of the day throwing clay and creating what she calls pieces of joy. The joy she derives from creating a signature painted functional piece of pottery such as a tea pot or a bowl is clearly stated on each piece and brings a smile to her face as well as to others.

Megan’s pottery is of a simple functional style with two distinct pattern lines. For those who are typically more conservative but want to move one foot just to the other side of their comfort zone, Megan has crisp white glazes adorned with colourful brush strokes which chase each other across the plate or bowl. They say,” here I am”, but not too loudly. If you are the type of person who loves to run through a field of wildflowers singing at the top of your lungs then perhaps the “anything goes” colour line might be for you. It will definitely add an extra non-caffeinated kick to your cup of coffee in the morning.

Platter with dipping bowl

Although Megan says she is quite content to spend her time alone in the studio, she also loves the people the craft world has introduced to her. She says people are happy to see her and talk to her and there are rarely any of the tongue lashings that seem to occur in other career choices. Perhaps that is one of the reasons she creates “Happy Pottery”. Spread the joy!

Megan and her studio