Location: Slocan Park

Lance Hall Mixes Pottery with Pleasure

Lance Hall Mixes Pottery with Pleasure

One afternoon while sitting in a cubicle at the Nelson Public Library, Gary and I went searching on the internet for some more artists we could interview in the area. It was there that we came across Lance Hall and his wife Maureen McEwen from StillPoint Pottery. I remember checking out their web site and admiring their work but also commenting to Gary on their picture saying “they look like a fun couple”. We sent them an e-mail and Lance got back to us not too long after, expressing an interest in meeting.

Wonderful variety of vessels and urns

It was a week or so later that we found Lance at his gallery and studio in Slocan Park. Unfortunately we didn’t have the opportunity to meet Maureen but Lance welcomed us in and introduced us to his cats. Although Lance is an artist, it was quite clear upon meeting him that he is a business man as well. Many artists are passionate about what they create but for the most part aren’t interested in the mundane drudgery of the business and promotion side of their work. I can certainly understand how this could take the fun out of the creative process, however as one artist put it, you can’t just stock pile your work. There in lies the challenge, how do you stay in love with your creative outlet and earn an income without turning it into a J-O-B. I guess you can do what Lance and Maureen have done. They have a little building beside their house in the beautiful Slocan Valley where they work together full time. Each has their own pottery wheel that faces a window and looks out at the beautiful landscape. Why reinvent the pottery wheel so to speak, so Lance says although he and Maureen turn out many mugs on their respective wheels they always strive to add that individual personal touch through design modifications and unique glazing composition. This keeps the creative process fresh and fun. During their work time they listen to CKUA, take breaks when they want and enjoy a nice refreshing drink in the hot afternoon summer sun in their gorgeous back yard. This, to me, seems like a healthy prescription for mundane drudgery.

Gorgeous but functional

Check out Lance’s interview as he explains more about their pottery as a passion and as a business and we encourage you to leave a comment below.