Location: Inverness

Virginia McCoy Paints Stories of the Road Once Traveled

Virginia McCoy Paints Stories of the Road Once Traveled

Ever heard the expression “living in the moment”? Not to be confused with “living for the moment”. It is a simple phrase but very potent. It is the reason I can write about someone whom I met briefly a few weeks ago. I remember her face, her smile and the words she shared with me during and after her interview. She also reminded me of how living in the moment is how we connect with the world around us. So few of us spend time this way and unknowingly sabotage ourselves of some of the finest moments we could be experiencing in our life.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Vladyka

Her name is Virginia McCoy. She is a painter, an explorer and a time traveler. She lives in the moment of her own present and lives in the moment of other people’s pasts. Virginia walks many paths both spiritually and with the soles of her feet. She loves to walk on the road less traveled and the one that no longer is. Her prolific curiosity keeps her feet moving and her mind wondering who and what once lived in the moment in this space. When I asked her what she was looking for when she went walking she said it could be anything, but usually she is drawn toward an opening in the trees or between hills or rocks. Through nature’s looking glass she goes and finds herself traveling back in time. There are clues that let her know she is there; the ground beneath her is hard and the birch trees are queued up like fans waiting in line for much desired Rolling Stones tickets. This is a road from the past. It always leads her to somewhere. Does it lead her to a moment in her present or a moment in someone else’s past?

I can connect with Virginia in several ways and I hope when I look at her I am looking at myself 20 years from now. There are many so called luxuries in life and most of them are superficial. Virginia gives herself the gift of thinking deeply about the moments that come her way, she holds them within her and then when the time is right she shares them with the world in her paintings. Each brush stroke and colour choice is chosen from the moments she has collected in her life. Her paintings are an abstract representation of a very real experience, either of her own or of someone elses whose life she has pieced together from walking the road they once walked. It is an expression of her senses and what they tell her is happening or has happened.

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In today’s society most people don’t have the time to think deeply about what is happening in their present moment let alone pondering someone else’s past. Virginia and her husband Frank have a rich life and volumes of moments to show for it. It comes with choosing to live simply and mindfully. Virginia’s paintings are a reflection of what it means to live this way; getting reacquainted with what really matters.

Please join us as Virginia McCoy shares more about herself and her art.