Poet Richard Stevenson

Poet Richard Stevenson

Gary and I caught up with Richard Stevenson in his home in Lethbridge, Alberta where he lives with his wife Gepka. We were welcomed with a refreshing summer drink and a shady spot in the backyard. Richard gave us a tour of their home and then lead us downstairs to where it all happens. His study and two thirds of the rest of the basement are resident to books and dvds, two of Rick’s passions.

If you have never given poetry a third or fourth thought, lest not a second, you may want to reconsider. After spending time with Richard I felt like I found something wonderful I never knew I had. Who knew poetry could make my ears tingle? Richard obviously does.

In conjunction with his literary degree, his post secondary education also consists of biology. But after listening to Richard share his plethora of poetry with us, I got the impression he was more of a chemist, mixing all kinds of word concoctions together to come up with an antidote for dull and unimaginative writing.

Richard Stevenson is a well known and respected Canadian poet. So why is it that many of us have not heard of him? As Richard puts it, “poets are like tuba players, they are really only well known and respected to other tuba players.” He has published 26 books so far which include Parrot with Tourettes (adult only) and Take Me To Your Leader (children’s poetry book about ETs), countless periodicals and journal articles and has recorded a CD as a collaborative effort with jazz musicians.

In addition to all that, Richard gave Gary and I a new appreciation for what poetry could do for our imagination.

Be sure to watch our interview and poetry reading with him; you’ll be glad you did!