What started out as a question, “I wonder what artists in small communities do in the winter to sell their creations?” led us to the concept of ArtsQuest.ca. In conjunction with tourist and local sales, going to art fairs, and selling through individual websites or walk-in galleries, we decided to build an online marketplace as a hub for buyers to find works from Canada’s fine artists, artisans and craftspeople within the visual, literary and performing arts.

In May of 2011 Gary and I left our former careers as financial advisers and put our plans into motion. Without giving it much thought, I was naive enough to think we could build our own Canadian arts marketplace web site and I set out to learn HTML code. Thank goodness I quickly came to my senses, and as synchronicity would have it we found Paul and Julian from Juniper Webcraft. We also prepared to sell our house in Calgary, build a storage box on our friends’ farm to store our belongings, and prepare us and our cat Marli to live in 60 square feet of Volkswagen Westfalia van, that we aptly dubbed Arty.

Over the last five years we have traveled from B.C. to Newfoundland and up to the Yukon in our quest to find noteworthy artists to interview and showcase on our travel blog. These efforts will soon evolve into the ArtsQuest.ca marketplace, a “small is beautiful” online setting where everyone from painters and sculptors to musicians and poets will be able to set up their own shops, connect with appreciators and customers from all over the world, and share creative insights into their art, their craft, and their creative passions.

Please join us on our continued journey as we get to know more of Canada’s artist’s face-to-face, and get ready to collect the finest of Canada’s arts.

Happy Trails,
Corinne, Gary, Marli, and Arty