Off-piste with Painter Jenny Baillie

Off-piste with Painter Jenny Baillie

"Orange Bear"

There are many reasons why one would want to visit the charming town of Rossland, tucked within the mountainous south central region of British Columbia. For some it may be for the world class skiing at Red Mountain, for others it could be carving the trails of Canada’s mountain biking capital, while for others a visit to the Rossland Beer Company to whet their whistle would be in order. For us, we were drawn here by the bold and vibrant art work of visual artist Jenny Baillie, and a chance to discover the personality behind the paintbrush.

Jenny Baillie beside her "Women of the Klondike - Mae Field"

Jenny Baillie beside her “Women of the Klondike – Mae Field”

It was the lure of skiing in the Canadian Rockies that drew Jenny first to Banff, Alberta from New Zealand back in 1979, and then on to Rossland, B.C. in 1982. It is there she has called home ever since. The many peaks, lakes and vistas she has encountered throughout the B.C. mountains all called out to her creativity, and she notes that it was through the rigours of skiing, hiking and backpacking that Jenny attributes the initial inspiration for her landscape paintings. She says she, “likes to sweat and suffer in the great outdoors” to help fuel her creativity.

"Lake O'Hara 1"

“Lake O’Hara 1”

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Jenny notes that if she were to put a label on her style of painting that it would be something like, “abstract impressionism with some funk.” She typically uses six colours to create her vivid paintings, but Jenny admits that her goal is to simplify even more to three primary colours, plus black and white. Her subject matter is varied, ranging from her landscapes, to bears and bunnys, super heroes, flowers, comic relief, and a series of historical women, from those of the pioneering and mountaineering ilk, to those of the Klondike Gold Rush fame.

"Women of the Klondike - Kate Carmack"

“Women of the Klondike – Kate Carmack”

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Jenny is never afraid to get out of her comfort zone nor is she at a loss for new ideas. Her eclectic subject matter exhibits her need for self expression; wherever her imagination takes her. At the same time she understands the need to satisfy the market, and so she appeals to her audience with her signature landscape pieces. This is much like a skier who will follow the groomed runs because that is what they have always done, but really wanting the thrill of uncharted territory. Jenny confided to us that her creativity is about to go off-piste once again. We look forward to her new discoveries.

To view more of Jenny’s art work please visit her website by clicking here.

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3 Responses to Off-piste with Painter Jenny Baillie

  1. janice says:

    great work Jenny

  2. Danièle Montandon says:

    Jenny is my favourite artist, she always surprises me with her vibrant paintings,
    I love her style! We are very fortunate to have her in our little town.

  3. Sarah Halling says:

    LOVE the vibrancy of your art Jenny! So uplifting and inspiring!!! Keep it up!!!

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