Kristin Anderson’s Flowers are Blooming Beautiful

Kristin Anderson’s Flowers are Blooming Beautiful

It’s finally here! After the lengthy endurance of winter’s icy grip and with the arrival of the first day of spring, we move forward with great relief toward warmer temperatures. The palette of nature transforms itself from stark white to a rainbow of colours as the blossoms and flowers pop their heads up to greet the warmer sun and begin the celebration of a renewed cycle of life. For many people the arrival of flowers brings great joy. In droves we head to the garden centre to stuff our trunks with annuals and perennials to build little flower communities in our gardens. For the remainder of the warm months we find our senses become drenched in the colour and fragrance of the happy blooms. What if you were the kind of person who, in the company of flowers felt like your head was about to explode? Many people solve the problem by using antihistamines. We know of one unfortunate sufferer of flower allergies who found an innovative and fun way to enjoy their beauty without the irritating consequences. Meet Kristin Anderson, a polymer clay artist from St. Albert, Alberta.


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Kristin loves flowers but unfortunately they don’t love her. Ironically, her mom Flora is a florist and she would give Kristin beautiful arrangements for her birthday but sadly she couldn’t have them in her house. Then one day Kristin decided that a big old tree in their front yard had to go. It was blocking all the natural light into their home so Kristin’s intent was to replace it with a Japanese Cherry Blossom tree. To her disappointment, she discovered that Alberta doesn’t have the climate to support this type of tree. Determined to have a Japanese Cherry Blossom in her life she decided to sculpt one, and so began her journey into creating three dimensional wall art with flowers being the main focus.


The need to have this particular tree in her life led Kristin into a creative endeavour that she never imagined would bring her to where she is today. She found that she had an affinity for the polymer clay, and within six months her hobby found it’s way onto the walls of friends, then onto the walls of admirers, and then a solo exhibition at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton. She hasn’t looked back and at times finds it hard to keep up. She sold ten of her twelve pieces at the exhibition and acquired fifteen commissions from that show. I find this truly encouraging from the perspective of people who would like to step into a creative realm as well as the enthusiasm shown by people buying art from artists.


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Art and flowers should be something that all people can enjoy including those that are physically impaired in some way. Kristin knows this all too well. Her allergies prevented her from enjoying flowers but at the same time that affliction was also the catalyst to a new art passion. In turn, this enabled her to share both her art and flowers with a lady who is visually impaired. When we were visiting Kristin she was in the process of finishing up a piece for her. Kristin’s goal was to make a durable orchid so that it could be admired and appreciated through her touch. What a wonderful way to bring visual art to a tactile world!

arts-quest-kristin-anderson-roses are red

Through an odd twist of fate, Kristin followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a polymer clay florist. Her flower creations are arranged on canvas and placed in the appropriate frame. The frame is the vase where each bouquet remains everlasting. Long stem roses are deserving of a crystal vase or an ornate frame while poppies are better suited in something more demure; either way Kristin seems to have a talent for cultivating beautiful blooms in her oven.

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I have to admit, I am not a cut flower person. It is not that I don’t enjoy their beauty but I am pragmatic about it. It makes no sense to me to spend money on something that comes up short lived on the enjoyment meter. I would rather they stay in the ground where I can enjoy them for a much longer time. Having said that I don’t judge people who do like a vase on the table. However, the next time you want to buy your sweetie some cut flowers consider this; Kristin’s blooms will last a lifetime and maybe even for generations; they are always beautiful; their petals never fall off or fade; they brighten up a space even in the middle of winter and they can always remind that significant someone of a moment in time when they received that special bouquet.

Please join us as Kristin talks more about her creative passion. Also, we love comments and appreciate it if you share Kristin’s story on social media and through e-mail. Thank you.

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  1. Janice Mcbrien says:

    This is beautiful work.I recently purchased some jewelery from an artist who has made some very nice pieces with the use of polymer cl clay.I love your wonderful flowers in frames. Food for thought.I am learning wire wrapping now with my jewelery and may take my paintings to another level using polymer clay..Janice

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