Lawrie Crawford Awakens the Abstract Within Her

Lawrie Crawford Awakens the Abstract Within Her

Titled – On Tlingit Ground

As I get older I find myself fascinated by many things; I love it! Everyday I ask questions and wonder about all there is to know. Perhaps this is one characteristic that allows me to be a good listener. I enjoy finding out about people; how they live, their interests, what they like and what’s important to them. Our journey into the art world has really opened my eyes to many new aspects of life in forms such as a painting, a sculpture or a carving. I have grown a wider appreciation for the parts I never really paid attention to like the abstract. I really admire people who can think abstractly. The curious side of me was eager to find out more about this topic and when we rolled across the 60th parallel into the Yukon I expected I would. For our next interview Arty took us to the front door of a smiling Lawrie Crawford and her two perky poodles.

Lawrie’s home sits on the edge of Crag Lake just outside a small town called Carcross. It certainly is beautiful and definitely not heavily populated; with the likes of humans anyway. Lawrie is an interdisciplinary artist and has spent much of her art career writing plays and non-fiction. It has only been in the last 2 years that she has plunged into the pool of abstract painting. I’m no expert, but to me Lawrie’s knowledge and work would indicate otherwise.


Titled - Eat Chocolate

Titled – Eat Chocolate

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Lawrie as she really got me interested in learning more about abstract paintings. She became fascinated with shapes and colours when she was a child. I suppose we all do to some degree but Lawrie had the influence of an art teacher who was a friend of her mom’s. He used to sit and do art with Lawrie and open her mind to the shapes of shadows on the wall. Later in life she met a friend who was married to an abstract painter. Lawrie was immediately drawn to the grand abstract paintings hanging all over their house. She knew she couldn’t afford one so she did what any creative person would do, she became a painter and created her own.

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Lawrie calls herself a process painter and part of that process is knowing when to rest the painting. Several of her pieces do hang unfinished at any given time. She patiently waits and then the day comes when she knows what to do. Lawrie doesn’t use brushes but rather what she refers to as spatula like tools used to push the paint around on the canvas. It is a method for creating layers of paint by putting it on and taking it off until she gets the desired look. Admittedly the art emerges from the painting as a result of the process and she modestly says her hand lends nothing more than the process itself.

Titled - Integrate

Titled – Integrate

In Lawrie’s abstract painting world there are no rules except to have fun. Her unseen partner in all this is her playlist. The Supremes, Lady Gaga and even Bob Dylan give her another tool in preparation for painting; dancing. The movement of the dance is interconnected to the movement of the paint; what fun! I love Lawrie’s attitude toward her art. She explains that her paintings are a metaphor for the things that happen in her life and she doesn’t necessarily try to make it about anything else. She wants people to enjoy her art for what it is. She tells me that it doesn’t have to be a deep and meaningful experience and no one should place expectations on themselves to try to find something familiar about abstract art. After all, it is what it is, something for us to enjoy. See more of Lawrie’s work on her website by clicking here.

We invite you to meet Lawrie as she shares with us her world of the abstract. Comments are awesome! Also, please share and help spread the word about Lawrie on social media. Thank-you!

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  1. I love the layers in your work!

  2. Derrick says:

    Love your work and how you relate to it ……

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