Greg Bradacs Carves Visions of Nature

Greg Bradacs Carves Visions of Nature

When antler carver Greg Bradacs had mentioned in an email that we would not be disappointed by a visit to his Bird’s Paradise property we weren’t quite sure what he meant, but as we drove down the long forested driveway and emerged into the clearing at his house we started to understand. He had transformed his quarter section of land into an interesting nature walk of wonder that accentuates the natural beauty and features of the land while also accenting it with his own creative flair in the form of a pond, trails, gazebos, wildlife viewing areas and of course…custom designed outhouses! He took us on a walk around his “living canvas” as he calls it; a rural retreat for adults and children alike while painting us a picture of the future plans he has for what is otherwise known as Visions of Nature. The heart, soul and energy that Greg has put into his property is evident everywhere we look, and it is no surprise that we see the same passion and focus that he puts into his antler carvings.


Having been exposed to the outdoors since childhood, Greg has always been inspired by nature and found that drawing wildlife using pen and ink as a teenager was a fitting entry to his first artistic expression. He moved on to pointillism, honing his technique and deriving great satisfaction from the detailed images that would appear from the hundreds of thousands of dots that he meticulously put down on canvas. Greg’s drive and focus were a perfect fit for this art form. When Greg created the large eagle depicted below he decided to count the amount of dots he put down in a few select places. On the pupil of the eye there were 1400 dots, the nostril 300, the third large feather down on the left wing was 24,450 and on the third flight feather up on the right was 23,840 dots! The proof is in the pointillism as the detail that Greg exhibits is stunning! His pointillism also took shape as animals drawn on the skulls from which they originated. The outcome was not only Greg’s beautiful work of art but also commemorative to the animal taken.

Freedom of Flight IV

Freedom of Flight IV

Greg’s decision to carve antlers twelve years ago would bring his imagination, creativity and infinite detail to the natural “gifts” that moose and deer drop to the ground every year. He notes that many times he will get a vision in his head, a story that needs to be told and put forth to his antler medium. He then searches for the perfect “canvas” in his collection of antlers, one that speaks to him, and then gets to work! He uses a Dremel tool and dentistry tools with their fine bits to patiently carve the details of landscapes, animals, people or scenes. The result is another one-of-a-kind work of art!

One such story that Greg needed to tell was Can You Hear The Laughter, shown below. Click on the link within the name to read about how this remarkable carving came to be after 2 1/2 years in the making!

Can You Hear The Laughter?

Can You Hear The Laughter?

Click on the images below for a closer look!

Greg’s sought after antler carvings and commissioned pieces are not just the result of the skills he imparts to create them, but also unites the personalization he undertakes during the design phase. Through extensive fact finding he will get to know the recipient of one of his pieces to the point where the finished antler carving could represent a history of that person’s life. A great example of this was Greg’s piece, Memory Lane, a 50th birthday gift. By clicking on the link provided you will see that the personal life details of the birthday boy are embodied exceptionally well within the artistry.

Don't Look Back

Don’t Look Back

Rock Climber

Rock Climber

Click on the images below of Silent Minds, a remembrance to the riches-seeking miners of the past!

Enjoy getting to know Greg with us in his garden interview and please share on social media!

17 Responses to Greg Bradacs Carves Visions of Nature

  1. I’m always thrilled to see where Corinne and Gary take me on this virtual tour across Canada.
    Greg, your work is astonishing to see; with it’s original designs, incredible detail, and obvious love for your medium. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

    • Corinne Funk says:


      Just wanted to thank you for being so encouraging and supportive of your fellow artists! Gary and I know how busy you are and we wanted you to know how much we appreciate that you always take the time to read our blogs and leave your comments.


  2. Judy Bradacs says:

    I’m very proud to say I’m Greg’s mother. I don’t think I know anyone who is so in touch with nature. He’ll share his time to help others appreciate what he sees in the world around him.

    • Greg Bradacs says:

      To You all! My friends, my family, and you!
      For those of you that have commented on Art Quest, THANK YOU! I hope you are all doing well. It seems that a lot of us, my most current 3 commenters i.e. Kim, Cheryl and Elaine are in the same boat as I…lol approaching the half century mark. So very cool to see and read your comments. That have taken me back. This evening as I indulged in my lives final work (Birds Paradise) I found myself looking to the stars and thinking of you. I spent time in the carving shed too working on a piece that will find its way to Norway when complete. I am also excited to say that I am having my website worked on by a fellow artist that I grew up with. Can I leave this here for now? I hope to bring a little inspiration of nature to your lives soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you…for your support

  3. Sandra says:

    Greg, your work is a feast for the eyes,What incredible talent you have and the imagination for various scenes,Your home and gardens also sound like a place where one relax and unwind. Thanks for sharing !! Sincerely Sandra

    • Greg Bradacs says:

      Hello Sandra. Thank you for the wonderful comments. I look forward to next years creations in the yard and gardens. Right now I’m focused on a commission piece of an airplane flying over a mountain scene. I look forward to redoing the website and getting it upodated. I wish you all the best over the holidays. Thank you, Greg Bradacs

  4. Scott cress says:

    I’ve been Greg’s friend for about 25 years.
    The imagination, creativity and talent that
    Greg brings to anything he works at is quite
    amazing. The passion he has for his art is
    carried over from his life, outdoors and artwork!
    When I see Greg’s work I’m proud to show other
    people and and say ” this was done by my lifelong
    friend” Good luck Greg … Scott

  5. Chrissy Lee says:

    I’m so proud to say that Greg is my cousin. I am always in ah of his visions and artistry. Visions of Nature is truly a one of a kind! I am so very proud to be able to display some of Greg’s art work in my home and to hear the feedback and to witness the reactions from my friends when they have the opportunity to observe his art work. I hope he never loses those visions, as we all benefit from them!!!

  6. Excellent work. Beautiful artwork. One of a kind!

    • Greg Bradacs says:

      Hello Jeff. Thank you for your comments. Its words like yours along with some other posts that keep me going in the carving shed. Wishing you all the best over the holiday season.
      Sincerely, Greg Bradacs

  7. Craig says:

    I met Greg a long time ago through a mutual friend. I always knew that Greg was talented but…….I had no idea that he was capapble of the art that has been presented to me today. Greg your work is truly inspiring, breathtaking. Thanks for sharing Greg Craig

  8. Elaine Pottery says:

    Greg and I met back in the 90’s when I lived in Prince George and he had just moved there from Ontario… give and I spent many hours talking and I fell in love with his pointillism… I purchased several pieces and am still enjoying them immensely…then I moved to the coast and we still had our long chats and one was when Greg was drawing his beautiful eagle… then we somehow lost contact with eachother and here it is 21 years later and I called him today and now just waiting for his call back… Greg is a one of kind just like his art… Love this guy

  9. Hi Greg! It’s Cheryl….another voice from the past. I’ve just been reading some of the feedback on some of your carvings. They are very nice….and the picture of your home is very pretty. Would love to hear from your. Still have all your drawings hanging in my home and everyone who sees them thinks they are beautiful. Please feel free to contact me by email. Would like to catch up and hear more about your work. Take care.

  10. Kim Kidder says:

    Hi Greg, another voice from your past… I knew Greg when he was the “troubled teen” as he stated in his video. Fondly I remember he always had a respect and love for the beauty of nature. I am amazed by your work, you should be very proud of your work! May you have continued success in all your future endeavours!!

    • Greg Bradacs says:

      Hi Kim
      Thank you for the encouraging words. Gee…30 years? Awesome, just awesome..Thank you! Hope you’re doing well. Hope to have a new site up soon. Quite a bit embarrassed for the “under construction” thing on Visions of Nature’s site. Keep in touch!!

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