This Guy’s Got Mettle! Artistic Metal Fabricator James Rackstraw

This Guy’s Got Mettle! Artistic Metal Fabricator James Rackstraw

Creativity in the form of art is a wondrous thing. It can bring beauty into one’s life. It can add appreciation for other people, places and nature on the tiniest or grandest of scales . It helps us to become aware of whom we are and give us an awareness of other people and other things. It can provide an awakening and it can heal.

James Rackstraw is a young artist in terms of age and in terms of his art career. He is one such person who has found creativity and art to give him everything I have described and more. His story is quite remarkable. He has faced extreme adversity from an early age as a child. Spinal meningitis left him with the inability to communicate effectively. When we met James we could tell that determination was his companion and has walked with him side by side, enabling him to change his life and become the person he is today. He has been the passenger in twelve car accidents and broken almost every bone in his body and he had his hand almost completely severed when three thugs broke into his home with intentions of robbery. He has been up, living a comfortable life, and he has been down, at times living on the streets. James doesn’t mention these things because he wanted us to feel sorry for him, but rather because the experiences have brought him to where he is today. He notes that without those experiences and the understanding he gained that he wouldn’t be James Rackstraw, artistic metal fabricator.


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James’ work reminds me of a mixture of Edward Scissor Hands, with a dash of Old England and a sprig of Steam Punk. He loves to take found items that may be leftover scraps, old antiques or just someone’s junk and piece them together and create a new functional item like an Old English lamp post or a jewellery stand. It could also be something more abstract like a warrior sculpture or a robot. The irony of James’ art is that he breathes new life into something that would otherwise be discarded and his art breathes new life into him, a person who many people doubted and metaphorically discarded.


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Although James loves working on his own he says one of the best parts about being an artist is connecting with people. He told us that having spinal meningitis as a child gave him an innate ability to read people. His struggle to communicate forced James to learn through observation. He spent a lot of time watching. Oddly enough this skill that was acquired out of a disability is something he now uses to give himself a better understanding and insight into what he creates for someone. He gets great satisfaction out of creating not only the art but a connection to the art for the new owner of the piece.


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James is an inspiring person. He is a great example of what the human spirit is capable of. Whether we have hardships to the extreme like in James’ case or we don’t, it is uplifting to be reminded that humans are extraordinary and that gives us the ability to make our lives and our world a better place through the creative process.

We invite you to watch James speak candidly about his life and his art. Please feel free to leave a comment and post on social media. Thanks!

15 Responses to This Guy’s Got Mettle! Artistic Metal Fabricator James Rackstraw

  1. Janice Mcbrien says:

    What a great talent! You are a wonderful inspiration for others who have had to overcome challenges in their lives.Keep up your beautiful work and I wish you much success. Janice

    • james says:

      thank you janice, just wanted to be real and allow those who do have struggles that life can have new begginnings,its just up to us to start them. glad you enjoy my work and also thanks for commenting, hope the day goes well for you.
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  2. Terry Roberts says:

    James you are amazing! So glad that you have found your nitch in life. Having a hobby that gives us freedom to express ourselves as well as puts a little money in our pockets is awesome.. You are gifted and sending out a great message my friend.. I love what you are doing.. Enjoy your journey…

    • james says:

      Good day to u terry, appreciate u taking the time to read and watch my interview. Its a very small amount of message that id love to further put more of my gifts out there for others to see and hear. Ill be in an online magazine comminf up in november. Keep in touch and enjoy ur night

  3. simon says:

    So sick bro! Good work! Ill come visit as soon as I have some spare time

  4. james says:

    Thanks lil bro, that meens alot to me, more than you know;)

  5. deac says:

    james bro i been there too man. good goin for you, i might have an idea or two u would like

  6. eric says:

    Nice work,you build some really cool and neat pieces,you have a very creative mind,keep up the good work

  7. Brooke says:

    I love that you’ve turned your challenges in life into positives!! Keep up the good work. I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of you in the future!!

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  9. Hey James,
    It was so nice to meet you at the market today. Your story is very inspiring. Congratulations on finding something you love to do and be able to express your artistic ability at the same time. I look forward to stopping by and checking out the store you told me about. All the best. Hopefully see you soon.

  10. Karen says:

    Very cool stuff!

  11. Jacqueline says:

    Love all your pieces .. Great artist!! Amazing work

  12. Lorelei says:

    Well I looked you up!! It was so great to see you after about 20 yrs. your story is very inspirational. When you can take adversity in your life and turn it around into a positive is quite amazing. I too am learning such a lesson and it makes you a better person for it. Your work is beautiful! You have an amazing gift. I’m so happy you found it! I wish you nothing but the best!

  13. Christine Rae says:

    Wow i just wanted to say, beautiful very interesting work. I’m a new found fan

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