Gillian Redwood & Caelen Starblanket La Rocque

Gillian Redwood & Caelen Starblanket La Rocque

Heading west from Kaslo along a picturesque, winding road, we arrived at New Denver and then continued on northwest until we came to the charming town of Nakusp, British Columbia. Our 2:00pm destination on this day was The Small Gallery, home to visual artist Gillian Redwood’s art creations as well as her working studio. We were also there to meet with her partner Caelen Starblanket La Rocque, an instrumental acoustic guitarist with an enduring history of music spanning 50 years and even going back to the early 1970’s as guitarist for the famed pop music group The Platters.

As we stepped into the gallery, Gillian and Caelen greeted us warmly and showed us around; the small space appearing larger with Gillian’s expressive paintings welcoming us in. Something that I noticed about Gillian’s art work is that the longer I stared at it the more I saw within it, the figures blending with the landscape, one not overpowering the other, the human form an equal participant with nature. Such as it was intended. This perfect setting for our interview was further enriched by Caelen playing Mr. Bojangles for us on his guitar; this duo was certainly a treat for the eyes and ears!

Please click on the images below for a closer look at Gillian’s creations!

Gillian is also the creator of Your Creative Spirit, a workshop held at the Halcyon Hot Springs Village and Spa; a collaboration of Halcyon’s healing hot springs and nourishing food, Gillian’s mentorship to bring out peoples creativity, and Caelen’s soothing strums of his guitar as he provides the background ambiance music.

As we finished up with some photographs Caelen invited us to park our van in their driveway to use their internet. We gratefully accepted and then Corinne upped the bid to asking if we could use their bathroom as well, and eventually arriving at the finale of us using their driveway to spend the night in our van . An expression on Gillian’s face later gave way to realizing that they were having friends over for dinner, but her grace prevailed and she did not let on, knowing we would think ourselves an imposition. Upon our arrival we were also invited to join them for dinner, and when Jane and Keith showed up their warm reception made us feel like old friends. Keith is also an artist, a potter, and we agreed to meet up in the spring to view his work. We ended the evening watching a movie on fresco painting. Gillian’s and Caelen’s hospitality were sincerely appreciated.

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