Janet and Ted Wallace; a Colourful Combination

Janet and Ted Wallace; a Colourful Combination

The day after we visited Kootenay Forge we went to see Janet and Ted Wallace. It was a dramatically contrasted experience. The forge was a place where our focus was on the red, hot, glowing steel. Entering the Barefoot Handweaving straw-bale building was like getting on a roller coaster heading for light speed through a bazillion different colours. Everywhere we looked demanded our attention and if we felt under stimulated that day, I can tell you, that feeling vapourized the moment we walked through the door.

Janet is the barefoot handweaver and Ted is the inner landscape painter. They are a vibrantly intriguing couple who spend much of their time living their dream and driving their artistic passions. I am a highly tactile person and the first thing I do when I walk into a space full of textiles and fabrics is get it between my thumb and my fingers. Wow! I couldn’t believe my eyes or my hands when I walked into their building. The loom is a fascinating piece of equipment and like many artists and artisans who have more than one tool, Janet has four looms. There are big ones and small ones and even an elder, from the 1940’s, still going strong. She kindly gave us a hand and foot demonstration with a musical interlude and I don’t mean a song and dance, although that would have been fun too! No, I am referring to the rhythm she creates when working with her loom; the wood knocks together like a beautiful, simple, wooden instrument. It has a healthy, organic sound. Janet says the loom’s alluring sound is one of the reasons she keeps on weaving. What a wonderful way to create something visually beautiful, something curious to the touch, something earthy sounding and get a great work out all at the same time. Talk about being fully engaged!

One of the four resident looms at Barefoot Handweaving

Ted Wallace is an animated gentleman with a kind spirit who I found to be like an adult with an inner child who loves to jump on his bed at night in anticipation of his next inner landscape painting. His exuberance comes from his own awe inspired intrigue that surfaces with each stroke of the brush. His paintings speak to their onlookers in ways that are personal to each one. There are no categories or labels to describe his work, it is both honest and an expression of vulnerability. Ted also likes to help other people find their creative process through his guidance and experience. Baring one’s inner landscape down on a blank canvas is certain to be a terrifying experience for most people, however, Ted knows it is full of enrichment and inner nourishment and he hopes to help others find that within themselves as well. I liken it to getting into physical shape before you buy a gym membership; you don’t have to be a master painter, just paint.

Be sure to watch Janet and Ted’s interview just below Ted’s painting and listen for the rhythm of the loom.

Ted Wallace Original

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  1. I never knew that weaving could be so physical! It really looks as if you are dancing, Janet. And doing it in barefeet!
    Ted, it is refreshing to hear such ‘straight-from-the heart’ comments from a personal viewpoint but as an artist.

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