Painter Heather Kohut

Painter Heather Kohut

We received a response email from Heather in regards to meeting us during our time in Fernie. She wanted to know more about our marketplace website. The next day we arranged to meet her and her husband Gary at Boston Pizza for lunch. Heather and Gary don’t live in Fernie; they divide their time between Wasa Lake, B.C. and Nanton, Alberta. They happened to be in Fernie the day Gary and I were there to retrieve her paintings from a Fernie venue. She had told us during lunch that she was collecting all her paintings and thinking about hanging up her brushes and palette knives. She says “As an artist, I don’t just want to have a backlog of paintings sitting in storage somewhere. The economic times affect everyone and artists can be some of the most vulnerable.” She considered our email to be timely and perhaps serendipitous. It was nice to meet Heather and Gary for lunch and we mutually agreed that a trip for Arty to Wasa Lake the next day was a good idea.

We stayed at Norbury Provincial Park campground that night and headed for Wasa Lake the next morning. It is a stunningly beautiful drive on a route we had never traveled. We are both so grateful to have moments like this. Heather’s breathtaking moments were hanging all over her house. She is a realist painter who represents her subject matter so well, I was sure I could reach out and feel the roughness of the bark on the trees. Your curiosity is enticed with each push of the palette knife as she asks you to be inquisitive and step into her painting to follow your imagination around the bend while you are gently persuaded to wonder what beauty lies beyond the crook in the path.

We invite you to watch our interview with Heather and learn more about her and her passion!

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