Ellen McArthur — Photographer

Ellen McArthur — Photographer

Ellen McArthur is a southern Alberta photographer from Lethbridge. She first picked up a camera in 1970 and has never looked back. She considers herself a photo purist and has enjoyed the challenge of maintaining excellent photography without the addition of technological enhancements. “Not that there is anything wrong with that,” she says, “it’s just not for me.”

Her love for photography comes from her childlike appreciation for seeing something in the viewfinder for the first time. She describes it like entering her own private space and finding little treasures to capture in her photographs. Ellen’s subject preference is any opportunity to embrace mother nature in all her splendour. She has been known to sneak a photo on occasion of people and capture the human element with unsuspecting innocence. She loves what she does and it comes through in her photographs.

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  1. Marjorie Paskal says:

    hi ya,
    Lost your phone number and cant find anything else. man, have you lost weight. you look FABULOUS
    Call me.

  2. Beth Moyer says:


    I was given one of your cards for my birthday. It is a black& white photo showing a light-coloured bench in the foreground in front of a tree with a black trunk,another tree further back with lots of light-coloured leaves and in the very back, behind the trees, a white building. It is a lovely photo. We have been wondering where it was taken. My husband, who used to work at the research Station thinks it was taken there. Can you fill us in, please?

    Thanks, Beth

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